Puppy Nanny Process

This blog post is for anyone wondering what the process of using the puppy nanny is like. We have used a few different methods of sending our puppies to their new homes and the Puppy Nanny is the best way by far, we have found to do it. Our puppies fly to you in style with a personal chauffeur, that takes them in a comfy bag, on the plane, at their feet, and hand delivers them to you at your nearest major airport. It is not only safe, but it is very easy on the puppies and less stressful for us humans as well. Not to mention it is the most cost effective solution. It would cost a regular person MUCH more to book a flight for Human & Puppy round trip. Your cost with our Puppy Nanny, Paula, is only $450!!! Here's the step by step process:

  • After you purchase your puppy, you and I will discuss what days will work best to meet the puppy nanny. I will also need at least 2 airports that you could potentially meet her for pick-up.

  • I will let the puppy nanny know what day and airport we are shooting for and she will put it on her calendar.

  • A couple days before the flight she will send me the flight info, that she is confident will have available seats. I will forward that onto you so you can start to plan on when you'll need to leave for the airport.

  • The night before or morning of the flight, I will send you and Paula a group text from my phone confirming the flight schedule and introducing you to Paula so she has your phone number.

  • Paula takes a flight from Phoenix, Arizona to Minneapolis, MN and meets me at the baggage claim, I introduce her to your puppy and give her all of his/her papers, a small bag of food, and a little blanket. She cuddles them up and loves on them and gets them all situated in her rolling airport pet bag, pictured below. We will take a photo together with your pup and send it to you on the group text so you know that your puppy is dropped off and on schedule, and so that you know what Paula will look like when you are looking for her at pickup.

  • We say goodbye and she takes the puppy to the express check-in, and then through security. She will text us as she's boarding the plane.

  • When her flight lands at your pickup airport she sends us another message and tells you where to meet her. (usually meet in the baggage claim area)

  • Meet her in the designated place and meet your new puppy!!! She ONLY accepts cash upon pickup so you can pay her directly when you meet her or you will not receive your pup. She will give you your puppy, papers, food and blanket. She likes to take a photo of you and your puppy, and send it to the group text so that I can see that the puppy has made it to you safe and happy!

Insights, Tips, and Tricks!

  • Paula (our puppy Nanny) is able to make these flights for us at such a low cost because she can ONLY fly standby. Which means she cannot book a flight in advance and be guaranteed a seat.

  • Because she is flying standby, there is always a chance that she could get there and the flight has all of a sudden been booked up. In that event she will wait for the next flight and keep us updated on the new flight schedules.

  • When you choose a date to pick up, please be sure you will be available to meet her that whole day and night, and be flexible if she needs to change the pick-up time.

  • Most of the time she has no troubles at all and she does the entire trip on time and without any delays. It is always possible that things could come up that will affect/change her schedule:

  • Issues going through security

  • Flight Delays (Weather, Plane trouble, Emergency stops, etc.)

  • Trouble finding open seats

  • Try and avoid holiday weekends as flights are very full at those times.

  • Always be at the airport early.

  • Remember, the puppy nanny still has a long trip back home after she's dropped your puppy off, and she may need to drop off quickly so she can catch another flight home that is boarding.

  • I will feed your puppy the night before, and only give him/her a small snack the morning of (depending on flight schedule) This is to prevent the puppy from having a tummy ache during the flight. He/She will be hungry when you get them home. Rather than letting them eat a huge meal after such a big day, I would give them a quarter cup of food at a time with intervals in between. The next day you can begin your normal feeding schedule.

  • Even though most puppies snooze through the entire flight, they sometimes can get a tummy ache that causes loose stools. This is common for a puppy to experience when they are transitioning to their new home. A dab of pure canned pumpkin mixed in their food will usually firm up the stools and settle their tummy.

After you get home:

A long trip to a new home is stressful for a young puppy and sometimes they can go off of their food if they have an upset tummy. You will want your puppy to have a bite to eat soon after he/she arrives home. If small puppies go off of their food for too long they can be susceptible to a drop in blood sugar/glucose. Having some wet food on hand to encourage your puppy to eat and adding a spoonful of Karo Syrup to their water can prevent a puppy from getting run down after his/her big trip!

This is an amazing service, and Paula is very professional, courteous and caring! She has been fantastic to work with and I'm sure you'll love her as much as I do! As always, let me know if you have any more questions. I'm always happy to help!!



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