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Do Aussaliers Shed?

Yes, Aussaliers come from two breeds that are moderate shedders. The Australian Shepherd is a double coated breed that sheds out its undercoat twice a year. They do not shed very much in between then. The Cavalier is a moderate shedder with a silky coat that sheds year-round. A weekly brushing and a bath when needed are sufficient to keep them looking their best.  The aussalier is a mix between these two breeds and could have a coat with a range between the two breeds. While I do say "moderate" shedding, if you're looking to compare it to other breeds then I'd say they do not shed nearly as much as German Shepherds, Retrievers or Labs. The plus side to this is they require very little maintenance for grooming. They do not need to be professionally groomed every 4 weeks like poodles, or other non-shedding breeds. 


How big will my Aussalier be?

Our Mini Aussie females range from 12" to 16" and 10-25lbs and our Cavalier stud is 12" and 14lbs. Since this is a mixed breed, our Aussaliers can range in size from 11"-17". I like to describe their size as similar to a Cocker Spaniel.  Sizes often depend on the lineage of the Aussie mother, so if you are wanting a smaller pup let us know and we can direct you to a litter that will likely be closer to the size you are wanting. However, being a mixed breed we cannot guarantee the adult size of any puppy. 


*Disclaimer: Mini Aussie's were bred down from larger standard Aussies and now there are even Toy sized Aussie's. Our Females all range in sizes from 10-25lb and they all have different sizes in their lineage. The Aussalier is a 50/50 mixed breed, which means that their genetic makeup is not as consistent as a pure breed dog. They can have a range of traits from either mostly Aussie or mostly Cavalier (including, size, color, temperament, and coat) 

I can only estimate what your puppy will be like by observing the puppy and making my best judgment based on the temperaments of the parents and the data that I've collected about previous puppies. 



How do I get on the waiting list?

There is a $100 deposit to be placed on the list.  That gets applied to your balance when you choose your puppy.  When you are on the list you will be notified of each litter before the puppies are made available to the public.  

Click Here to submit your name on our waiting list.  All Waiting List payments are Non-refundable and will be applied to the balance when you choose your puppy.  


How is your price calculated?


Our price is calculated from the time and cost that it takes to produce high-quality puppies. (Vet expenses, vaccinations, kennel supplies, maintenance, utilities, dog food, cleaning supplies, milk replacer, puppy packets, toys, bedding, kennels, potty training pads, registration fees, website design/hosting fees, advertising, health testing parents, as well as the time that is spent hand raising your puppy to be the best happy and healthy puppy for your family. This is a short list of what goes into the price of a well-raised puppy.


Our Aussalier puppies range in price from $1,800 to $2,500 depending on color & gender. They come from show quality, extensively health tested parents with exceptional temperaments. They go home with a Health Guarantee, up to date on vaccinations and wormer. Vet checked healthy. A Puppy Pack with LOTS of goodies! Most importantly, lifetime breeder support!  The price of our puppies reflects all of the quality/care/work that goes into raising these dogs.  


Payment options

We accept cash, PayPal, Zelle or CashApp payments.

If you would like to use a credit card you can do so with PayPal.  

PayPal is an easy/secure way to pay online and accepts most major

credit cards and has options for financing. When using PayPal they do charge a 3% processing fee.

Payment is due upon choosing your puppy. 


Do you ship?

We prefer that you come pick up your puppy in person so we can meet you and you can meet the dogs but we know that's not always possible.  Please let me know if you will be needing shipping services and we can arrange to meet you with your puppy at your nearest major airport, in person. That service costs $600


When can I pick up my puppy?

Puppies can be picked up no earlier than 8 weeks old. Puppies need a minimum of 8 weeks of time with their litter mates to learn crucial play and bite inhibition.  We can also hold your puppy for you past 8 weeks if needed. 

What food should I get?

We feed our Puppies  NutriSource Small & Medium Breed Puppy food.  This is a great high protein, high nutrient food for our growing puppies and for our pregnant/breeding adults. You can get this food at your local menards store  Here  


What should you avoid with your new puppy? 

We know that getting a new puppy is very exciting and often the first thing you want to do is take your puppy to the pet store to buy it things or take it to public places. Please refrain from doing this until your puppy has had all of its vaccinations and has a chance to settle into its new home. You don't want to expose your new little pup to all the various diseases that can be deadly to a puppy with a not yet fully developed immune system. Puppies are very susceptible to viruses and diseases and we as the breeder cannot be held liable for any illness that your pup picked up after leaving our care.  


Is there anything I can do to help strengthen my pups immune system?

Yes! There is something you can do to put your puppy on a fast track to having a strong and healthy immune system. All of our dogs at Royal Crown Kennels are on a daily dose of NuVet Vitamins.  Visit our info page about NuVet Vitamins 

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