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Royal Crown Kennels Health Guarantee

Download the RCK Health Guarantee PDF Version Here


No guarantees expressed or implied are made except as stated below.  The term "Seller" or "RCK" used in this guarantee refers to the entity Royal Crown Kennels owned and operated by Melissa Kirchner in the state of Wisconsin. All legal disputes to this contract shall take place in the Sellers state of Wisconsin, in St. Croix County.  


Royal Crown Kennels Declaration Statement


ALL PUPPIES WILL BE UP TO DATE ON VACCINATIONS AND WORMER. WE WILL NOT RELEASE ANY PUPPIES THAT HAVE ANY OUTWARD OBVIOUS INDICATION OF PARASITES OR HEALTH CONCERNS AT THE TIME OF PROPOSED TRANSFER.  Consult your veterinarian about the health and wellness of your new puppy including but not limited to, appropriate activity levels and diets for growing puppies. Every BUYER is provided with this legal contract and indicates that they agree with its terms by placing a deposit. The parameters of the Royal Crown Kennels Health Guarantee are outlined below:


  • The health of this animal is guaranteed for 7 days through examination by a vet at the expense of the Buyer. If the Dog is found to be in unsatisfactory health and written documentation is presented from the Buyers veterinarian within 24 hours of examination, the Seller shall, refund the Buyer for the cost of the veterinary expenses to treat the Dog up to but not to exceed 100% of the purchase price.  Should the Buyer choose to relinquish the Dog back to the Seller at that time, the Seller will refund 100% of the purchase price and any veterinary expense incurred up to that point. *This does not include parasites, as they are common in dogs and puppies and are easily treated. This guarantee does not cover communicable diseases that were contracted anytime after the puppy left the Sellers possession.  A record of all worming treatments & vaccinations from RCK will be included with every puppy. Should the Buyer choose not to have this puppy inspected within 7 days, the BUYER agrees with RCK's assessment that the puppy was healthy at the time of transfer.  


  • This Dog is guaranteed by Royal Crown Kennels to be free of any *life altering hereditary or congenital defects for 1 year. If the Dog is found to have a Life-Altering hereditary condition within 1 year of its date of birth, the Seller shall replace the Dog, provided the Dog and papers are returned, for the next available similar dog OR compensate the buyer for veterinary care up to but not to exceed the purchase price of the dog. *life-altering is defined in this contract as "A hereditary or congenital defect that will negatively affect the dog's physical health, resulting in reduced lifespan and quality of life". If something of this nature comes up, please bring this guarantee to your veterinarian for him/her to review. If they think the issue falls within the parameters of this agreement don't hesitate to contact Royal Crown Kennels with your concerns. A written statement by a licensed veterinarian, with a detailed assesment is required when submitting your health guarantee.   


  • The Buyer agrees to complete all Puppy vaccinations, as well as a booster at one year of age. Consult with your veterinarian on a shot schedule for the remainder of the dogs life. (AVMA standards are now suggesting that annual vaccinations may not be necessary after one year of age) The Buyer must keep the dogs rabies vaccine up to date per their local city, county, and state laws. Documentation of these minimal requirements must be kept. 


  • This Dog is being sold as a companion and Buyer agrees that this dog will not be bred at any time. 


  • This Dog is being sold with a spay/neuter agreement. The Buyer agrees to Spay or Neuter this dog within 12 months from its date of birth. Please consult your veterinarian on a healthy schedule for spaying/neutering.  We leave it up to you and your vet to decide what is the best time frame for your puppy to be spayed/neutered within the first year.  De-sexing a young puppy can take away essential hormones for healthy growing bones/joints. There are also indications that keeping a family pet intact too long can have ill effects as well.  Please consult your vet.

  • Royal Crown Kennels does NOT guarantee the size or the temperament of the Dog. We cannot predict how the dog will mature or what experiences it will have, after it leaves our care.

  •  Royal Crown Kennels does NOT guarantee eye color.  


  • Buyer agrees that this Dog will at no time be surrendered to a pound or rescue. Seller has "First Right of Refusal". If the Buyer is not able to keep this Dog for any reason, the Seller shall be notified and given the option to take the dog back. Breach of First Right of Refusal is subject to damages to the Seller. Contact Royal Crown Kennels before considering re-homing your dog.  We will do everything we can to help you or we will take the dog back, no questions asked. (This guarantee is non-transferable) 





Signature of the SELLER:______________________________________________________ 



Signature of the BUYER:__________________________________________  Date:                                            



Printed Name of BUYER:                                                                                                

Description of DOG/PUPPY:                                                                                                               DOB:                                            







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