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Hi there, my name is Mel. My passion for dogs and animals started at a young age and grew like wild fire. As a little girl I spent my days outside, playing with dogs, riding horses, toting around kittens and raising orphaned baby birds. Now as I've grown, I've gotten my own dogs and have gained a wealth of knowledge about, their care, training, grooming and psychology. My dogs have brought me so much happiness and I truly believe that having them in your life will bring you the unconditional love that every family deserves.



My days and nights consist of playing with and caring for our dogs, training, grooming and playing with those spunky happy puppies :) Please don't hesitate to shoot me an email or give me a call to learn more about me! I LOVE talking anything about dogs and sharing my experiences. You will find that once you become part of the Royal Crown family you will have lifetime support from me. We have gained some wonderful friends and met some amazing people through our dogs.

As a breeder with the health and quality of our dogs as our #1 priority, I am constantly learning and improving our program. With continuing education I am able to keep current on the latest science related to breeding and raising puppies to make the best companion possible

We are a proud member of the Minnesota Pet Breeders Association. A group of Expert Animal Caregivers and Animal Lovers. We get continuing updates on legislative changes in our state as well as continuing education on topics such as:

  • Canine geniology

  • Vaccination protocols

  • Canine Health Care Practices

  • Nutritional Studies

  • Industry News and updates from Experts in Canine Reproduction and Rearing and nutritional experts.  

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