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Royal Crown Kennels

Waiting List

Updated 01/11/21 *Royal Crown Kennels waiting list is now CLOSED.


Our waiting list has become so long (160+) that it has gotten difficult to contact everyone and place puppies in a timely manner. Currently, it can take a year or more to be able to choose a puppy once your deposit is placed. Understandably, many people get a new puppy elsewhere in the meantime but they stay on the list to retain their deposit. This makes it really difficult to place puppies in a timely manner, and is not fair to those at the bottom of the list that are eager and excited. Ive come up with a solution that stays fair to all of those who have already placed a deposit. I’m closing the waiting list to for NEW deposits. I will continue to contact people on the list in order to place puppies. Please respond with an update of when you would like to bring a puppy home. If I do not get a response to any of the emails I will be marking you as In-Active. Your name will then go to the bottom of the list, and an Active person will move up. The list will gradually get smaller until all of the people who want pups have chosen, and there are only In-Active people remaining. I will keep record of the people that have placed deposits but haven’t chosen a puppy, so if they contact us in the future to purchase a puppy, they will still be able to apply their deposit to the purchase price. 


Thanks for your understanding. I’m thinking this is the best solution, that is fair for everyone and gets our puppies placed with excited families in a timely manner without forfeiting anyone’s deposit. 











We understand that life changes, and timing is everything. So if you are not able to bring home a puppy quite yet, please let me know. I can mark you as In-Active and I won't notify you of available puppies until you get back in touch with me and let me know you're ready.  This helps me give an accurate estimate of wait time to new people joining the list, and it speeds up the selection process. Remember, there are lots of anxious people on the list below you that are eager to bring their puppy home. 

Puppies personalities can change so much within the first 8 weeks, especially being a mixed breed.  Because of this, we have you choose your puppy based on Gender, Color, and Size.  I can give you a good idea of what temperament to expect based on the mother's personality, and what her previous puppies have been like. I'm happy to answer any questions and/or send photos of prior puppies from the same parents that are now grown up. 

Each time a litter is born, I will start at the top of the list and contact each person in order.  You have the option to Pick or Pass from the available puppies of that litter.  Please respond within 24 hours to ensure that you don't get skipped. I am happy to answer any and all questions you may have about each puppy. If you would like to wait for a different litter, you can Pass. When the next litter is born I start the process over again. 

View The Waiting List Here


This is the Active waiting list that is current and up to date. You can see exactly where I'm at on the list at any given time and track your position. It is best viewed on a desktop computer. It doesn't show up well on the mobile site. 

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