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Royal Crown Kennels

Waiting List

When you place your deposit for our waiting list, your name and email gets added then each time we have a litter you will receive a new litter notification before the puppies are made available to those not on the list.


Please respond within 24 hours to let me know if you would like to Pick or Pass. If I do not get a response to any of the emails I will be marking you as In-Active.  If you have been made In-Active you can reach out at any time and let me know that you are ready to choose.  

We understand that life changes, and timing is everything. So if you are not able to bring home a puppy quite yet, please let me know. I can mark you as In-Active and I won't notify you of available puppies until you get back in touch with me and let me know you're ready.  

Puppies personalities can change so much within the first 8 weeks, especially being a mixed breed.  Because of this, we have you choose your puppy based on Gender, Color, and Size.  I can give you a good idea of what temperament to expect based on the mother's personality, and what her previous puppies have been like. I'm happy to answer any questions and/or send photos of prior puppies from the same parents that are now grown up. 

Each time a litter is born, I will email the people on the list before they are made available to the public. 

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