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"There is no faith which has never yet been broken, Except that of a truly faithful dog" 

- Konrad Lorenz

Through selectively breeding only the best temperments in our adult dogs we aim to produce puppies that are outgoing and friendly with strangers as well as loyal to their family members.  Our Goal:


  • Highly trainable

  • Loyal

  • Outgoing/Friendly

  • Low/Medium Drive

  • Small Size

  • Healthy/Vibrant Family Members

Royal Crown Kennels takes pride in providing responsibly raised puppies straight from our home to yours.  All of our dogs are extensively health tested, they are raised with ENS and the puppy culture program. They go home with a huge puppy pack, health guarantee and lifetime breeder support.  

The Aussalier is a small/medium sized dog of mixed breed lineage that was selectively bred using a purebred Toy or Mini Aussie and a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


This intentional cross, through careful selection of sire & dam, is intended to combine the desired traits from each of the breeds used.



Toy/Mini Aussie Traits:


  • High Drive

  • High Intelligence

  • Loyal

  • Small Size

  • Merle Coat Pattern

  • Very Active

  • High Trainability

  • Low Med/Vocal

Cavalier King Charles Traits:


  • Low Drive

  • Medium Intelligence

  • Family Dog

  • Small Size

  • Silky Single Coat

  • Couch Potatoe

  • Highly Friendly/Outgoing

  • Low Vocal

The Aussalier is made up of two breeds that are very tuned into their owners.  We call them "sensitive souls", they are much more receptive to your emotions and they form close emotional bonds with their owners.  

Both the Aussie and the Cavalier made the top 7 breeds with Sensitive Souls:



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