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I'm often asked which dog food I recommend and I'm always hesitant because there are so many commercial dog foods out there with countless recalls and sub-par ingredients. I don't like to get caught up in fad diets and fancy packaging with pictures of wolves and wilderness. Instead, I am looking for a wholesome, complete diet, with added nutrients for good digestive health without a bunch of junk fillers! I've tried many different dog foods from average to expensive and I've finally settled on one that I can wholeheartedly recommend. 

Life's Abundance has a full line of premium products for the nutrition, health and wellness of the entire family.  And as all of us pet lovers know, that includes the 4-legged members!  Life's Abundance line of dog foods has been a well kept secret among breeders and trainers and it can't be found in the large commercial box stores. Some people may think that's a downfall, but to me it is a blessing. It is sold exclusively by individual reps who are professionals in the industry; from AKC Judges, Trainers, Nutritionists, Veterinarians, and Breeders like me who consider the health and wellness of the dogs we breed and the puppies we offer, a top priority!  


I compare feeding cheap box store brand dog foods to letting your children eat fast food every meal. You wouldn't even consider it! Why not offer your furry kids the same quality meal you would be proud to serve to your human kids!


That all being said, do your own research! Google it, read reviews, and read the ingredients.




I'm so confident in the quality and added health benefits of this food that I will extend our Royal Crown Kennels health guarantee to 5 YEARS if you choose to keep your RCK Aussalier on Life's Abundance! 


 What's to Lose? 

  • You've got to purchase food for your new puppy anyway. 

  • Follow the link below to get your Life's Abundance puppy food before your new pup arrives. 

  • Get a discount by placing your order on Autoship and calculate the frequency with the bag size selector.  

  • Your puppy transitions seamlessly to his new home with no harsh upset tummies from switching foods. 

  • Your pup gets a high quality diet with less fillers

  • Higher quality = Less poop! 

  • Never have to run to the store for dog food again. 

  • Upgrade your Health Guarantee from 1 year, to 5 YEARS! 

  • Peace of Mind 


No Recalls & No Life's Abundance products are involved in the FDA investigation into canine DCM.

Click the images below to order the products below that I feed, my dogs love, and we recommend.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Click Here to get everything you need before your puppy comes home!

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