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Holy MeatBalls!!

When you run a breeding kennel, the number one concern is the health and condition of the dogs. So when you have an upcoming show and you need to put weight on your finnicky eater fast... you make SATIN BALLS!

I'm not sure why they are called that but this recipe is filled with tons of protein and FAT! The best way to put weight on finnicky eaters and high energy dogs that tend to stay lean no matter how much kibble you offer them.

The dogs LOVE these things and you can probably tell why by the ingredients:

1. 10 lbs of high fat ground beef

2. 1 jar of peanut butter

3. 1 tub of cottage cheese

4. 1 block of cream cheese

5. 1 Jar of peanut butter

6. 1 Jar of Molasses

7. 4 cans of tuna

8. One box of Knox Gelatin

9. 8 ozs of instant dry mashed potatoes

10. 1 Can of pure pumpkin

11. 1 lb of Cheddar Cheese

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