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I'm a Breeder

I'm a Breeder. I dedicate most of my life to raising, training, showing, grooming, and loving on dogs. I specialize in animal husbandry. I spend more time covered in dirt, dust, hair, and other unmentionable things, than I care to admit. I get excited about dog shows, and breeder seminars, then I get disappointed if I can't attend because I've got too many puppies at home that depend on me. When I'm not physically with my dogs I'm thinking about them. Running errands consists of hauling puppies to the vet, picking up puppy food, litter and any other dog related items. My calendar is filled with puppy flights, heat cycles, breed dates, due dates, dog birthdays, and vaccination reminders. The vacuum is always running, and the laundry baskets are always full. I spend more time cleaning kennels, whelping boxes, buckets and bowls, than I do my house. "Doing Chores" is a common term that means, I'll be busy for a couple hours. My kids know how to handle a baby puppy better than most adults. We spend countless hours researching genetics, training, health testing, nutrition and reproductive health. Our KitchenAid mixer is primarily used for making homemade dog food and our grocery list has a "For the Dogs" section. The monitoring system in our home is not for security, it's for whelping. When I finally get a chance to sit down on the couch in the evening, I usually end up posting puppy pictures on social media and catching up on emails. I'm a Breeder. I support honest, ethical, and responsible breeders of pure, and mixed breeds. I support honest, ethical and responsible rescues, and all the people who dedicate their time and resources to them. I'm a Breeder. And I wouldn't have it any other way.


Mel @ Royal Crown Kennels

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