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Never a dull moment!

There's never a shortage of fun going on at RCK, some things more fun than others... We recently moved into our "new to us" old victorian farmhouse that was built in 1908 on 20 acres in Somerset, WI. We've worked tirelessly remodeling and restoring it back to it's original state with modern touches. This included new floors, new kitchen, bathrooms, fixtures, appliances, paint, LOTS of sweat equity. Being a 5 bedroom old drafty house we also had to amp up the existing boiler system and run new baseboard heat throughout. So far during our renovations we had gotten by all too well without any major hickups... Until this weekend that is. The boiler decided to quit on us on the coldest weekend of the year so far. And in the midst of all the mad dash to get a new boiler hooked up we had another surprise! 6 new Aussalier puppies were born this morning, happy and healthy! (Warm and Cozy in front of an electric heater lol) Sometime soon, when the chaos subsides and the pups get settled in, I'll get my camera out and get some photos. I should be reaching out to those at the top of the waiting list shortly, so stay tuned! :)

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