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We're Expecting!!

Drum Roll Please...... Puppies on the way! We made a visit to the vet today and confirmed via ultrasound that Dakota is pregnant. Today is day 30 of her pregnancy, which would make her due date only 1 month away (May 1st)

Ultrasounds aren't a perfect predictor of the number of puppies but we are estimating 5-6 puppies!

This is a very highly anticipated litter and we had some difficulty getting her bred to our male cavalier so we opted to select an outside stud rather than risk the chance of her not getting pregnant. So we called up our friends at Two Sisters Cavaliers in Kandiyohi, MN and arranged her "date" with Archer. He is a very handsome AKC Tri-color cavalier with Champion bloodlines and his OFA cardiac certification. We cannot wait to see these gorgeous puppies from these two!

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to her due date!

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